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• What is SLA and SLS?


SLA – great for accurate aesthetic models and rapid prototyping. A precise laser cures a liquid resin in the build chamber building accurate parts one layer at a time.  

SLS –  great for functional rapid prototypes and low-volume end-use parts. Here a precision laser fuses powder material together one layer at a time to build accurate.

PowerMoulding has been providing online 3D printing solutions for over 6 years. Rapid prototyping via SLA and SLS paired with our extensive experience enable us to deliver high precision, high-quality parts every time.

• Advantages Of Our 3D Printing Service


Custom 3D printing is accurate to CAD.

 Online 3D printing delivers fast rapid prototyping.
 SLA and SLS delivers good surface finishes.
Strong, rapid prototypes and end-use parts.

Complex geometry possible with 3D printing.


• 3D Printing Is Used For


  Functional models, quick fit, form and function rapid prototypes, aesthetic prototypes, low-volume production parts, master models or patterns, functional prototypes.

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