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• Rapid Prototyping Techniques Employed

 At POMO, we offer the following rapid prototyping capabilities for customers 

 For engine parts: Aluminum Machining
• For interior lens, exterior lens and headlights: CNC machining
• For quick runs: Rapid Tooling
• For short-term trial productions: Reaction Injection Molding 



• Quality Manufacturing

 POMO sources the finest talent and the most-advanced manufacturing equipment. Machining precision: 0.01mm. Our operation is a combination of the latest in machinery, software, and manufacturing skill.



• Continuous QC

 Quality Control happens at every stage of the process. Products are continually subject to inspection, reducing waste and costs. Completed products are subject to an additional host of quality controls, so that every item leaves our factory in pristine condition.



• Packaging





• After-sales Service

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